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Thomas Lawrence Long, associate professor-in-residence in the University of Connecticut School of Nursing and a professional editor for the School of Nursing, is a scholar in the field of American Studies and of Medical Humanities. Past editor-in-chief of Harrington Gay Men’s Literary Quarterly, he is the author of the book AIDS and American Apocalypticism: The Cultural Semiotics of an Epidemic, among other publications dealing with representations of the body, sexuality, and disease in literature and culture. You can view his profile on Academia.edu and his personal blog site at TheLongView.tv.

Dr. Thomas Lawrence Long

Dr. Thomas Lawrence Long

Queer By the Books is a workshop for educators. Teachers in a variety of subject disciplines can promote instruction that is friendly to sexual minority youth by infusing queer consciousness into existing curricula. This workshop explores reading lists, Web sites, and media resources that can be used in different courses at different grade levels, particularly in arts, language, humanities, and social studies. Using thematic approaches, participants explore ways that a single resource (e.g. a book or a movie or a Web site) might be used in interdisciplinary ways across curricula. The workshop entails both small-group discussions and presentations.

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